Data Protection Policy

Penrose Farm Cattery is committed to protecting and respecting both your privacy and your personal details. Any information we collect will only be used by us and for the purpose it is intended for, except in special circumstances as detailed below.

What information do we collect?

We will collect and store certain personal information from you when we register you either as a Client or a Supplier. By law, we are required to record certain information in relation to the cats that board with us and retain it for a minimum of three years.

This information includes:
  • the dates of each cat’s arrival and departure
  • each cat’s name, age, sex, neuter status and a description of it or its breed
  • each cat’s microchip number, where applicable
  • the number of cats from the same household and a record of which cats (if any) are from the same household
  • the name, postal address, telephone number and email address of the owner of each cat
  • in relation to each cat, the name, postal address, telephone number and email address of a local contact in an emergency
  • the name and contact details of each cat’s normal veterinarian and details of any insurance relating to the cat
  • details of each cat’s relevant medical and behavioural history, including details of any treatment administered against parasites
  • details regarding any restrictions on exercise
  • details of each cat’s diet and related requirements
  • any required consent forms
  • a record of the date or dates of each cat’s most recent vaccination, worming and flea treatments, and
  • details of any medical treatment each cat is receiving.
  • This information will be captured on our Booking Form which shall be completed each time your cat stays with us.

    Personal information that relates specifically to you will therefore include:
  • your name
  • your home address
  • your phone numbers
  • your email address
  • the phone number and email address of your emergency contact (please ensure that you have their consent to pass on this information on to us)
  • relevant information about your cat including the details of your own veterinary practice
  • banking details where payment has previously been made electronically.
  • Both cat and client information is held as a hard copy within a locked and physically secure environment; and digitally within a password protected environment. This information will be retained for a minimum period of three years following your cat’s last stay at Penrose Farm Cattery at which point it will be securely destroyed.

    Billing, financial and/or invoicing information which relates to you will be stored electronically for a period of six years at which point it will be securely destroyed.

    Supplier information will usually include:
  • name
  • business address
  • business phone numbers
  • business email address
  • bank and/or payment details.

    Supplier information is held digitally within a password protected environment. This information will be retained for a minimum period of six years at which point it will be securely destroyed.

    What do we use this information for?

    The information may be used in the following ways:
  • to meet our legal obligations and satisfy the terms and conditions of our License
  • to book your cat into Penrose Farm Cattery and retain relevant contact and health information
  • to set you up as a client on our digital invoicing system
  • to contact you, your emergency contact or your own veterinary practice in the event of a query or problem arising during the period your cat is boarding with us (or during/after the period of boarding should the need arise)
  • to update you regarding any changes in our Terms and Conditions, services provided or special offers


  • to set you up as a Supplier on our payment system if you are a supplier of goods or services.

    Information sharing

    We will not share or pass on your personal information unless there is an appropriate legal requirement to do so (such as during a routine inspection), or in the event that your pet requires medical attention from a vet. In the event of a medical emergency, we will always put the need of your cat first.

    Our website

    Our website may track certain information about you during the course of your browsing, such as your IP address and browser identification.

    Requesting your information and your right to be forgotten

    You are entitled, by law, to request a copy of the information that we hold which relates to you by submitting a Subject Access Request. All such requests should be made in writing and will be subject to a £10 administration fee and verification of identification before any information can be released.

    You also have the right to be forgotten and ask us to remove and destroy the information we hold which relates to you. Please remember, however, that we have a legal obligation to retain certain information in relation to your cat if they have stayed at Penrose Farm Cattery within three years of the request.